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What should you do in case of a roof leak?

Do you suffer from a leak at your roof? And would you like to know what the cause is and how you can best solve it? In this blog we take you to the causes of a leak on different roofs and how you can recognize this leak, because that is often the tricky part. Moreover, also the solutions for a leak at your roof. When you have a leak, it is advisable to solve it as soon as possible. If you do not solve this quickly, serious consequences can arise, such as rotten wood or mold or even in the worst cases damage to the construction of your roof. So if you have a leak, it is wise to call an expert, who can see whether you need a completely new roof or a simple roof renovation. Below is an overview of the causes of a roof leak and the solution for this.

The causes of a roof leak

Having a leak is very annoying. Nevertheless, it is wise to resolve this as soon as possible. The most common causes can be divided into 2 types:

  • The roof

With a sloping roof it is often a big challenge, if your roof tiles are not placed properly or are broken, a leak can quickly occur. It can be a challenge because this is often laid out with a lot of insulation and good housing. This can often make it difficult to see the leak. Leaks occur more often with a flat roof. Because it is a flat roof and if this is not properly installed so that the water can flow away properly, a pile of water can form, which can cause a leak after a certain time. In addition, moisture, frost and leaves and plant growth are often the cause of a leak on a flat roof.

  • Roof lead and rain gutter

Clogged gutters can also cause a leak. As with flat roofs, leaves are often the cause of a leak, because the water cannot drain properly. This can cause it to leak. The only simple solution to this is to check and clean the gutter regularly. In addition, lead roof at chimneys and dormers is also a major cause. Often the edges are damaged or the lead is no longer properly on so that water passes through.

Solution for a roof leak

A roof leakage can of course be solved depending on the situation. We recommend at all times to hire an expert so that you can live in the house without any worries without a leak. If you do it yourself, it can often go wrong and you can actually make it worse. In addition, finding the source of the leak is often difficult. The solution to a leak depends on the situation, but replacing new roof tiles or laying new roof lead is often sufficient. Finally, a new roof covering can be an option.

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