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The best care for your wooden furniture!

Wooden furniture. A nice addition to your home with a classic look. Proper care is required to maintain good quality woodwork for as long as possible and to extend its lifespan. Especially when you have had special wooden furniture made at a good furniture workshop, it is a shame not to maintain it. Both for the wood and for yourself it will provide long-lasting pleasure if you follow these tips.


Make sure your wooden furniture has the right humidity. Only that keeps the wood beautiful. Wood can ‘work’. This means that it can change shape and structure under the influence of certain factors. If your wooden table or cabinet is in a dry air, the wood often becomes dry and rough, which can cause it to split. When your woodwork becomes too damp, it can shrink or swell. Indoors, the temperatures are often just right for wooden furniture, but be especially careful with furniture in basements, attics and porches.


Use can cause scratches or stains on wooden furniture. These can be easily and quickly removed with a floor wax. In addition, you apply a protective layer to the wooden furniture with a floor wax, so that it will be damaged less quickly and less severely with further use. The polishing of cabinets and tables, for example, creates a shiny effect on the furniture and also a fresh scent of the wood. A floor wax is specially made for furniture in the home and is not resistant to large amounts of water.


Wood can discolour in a lot of sunlight. Often this is a pale and dull color that is found to be not very beautiful. This will not happen quickly if wooden furniture is in the house, but it will happen if it is placed in full sun. Also pay attention to windows so that your table is not partly discolored, for example. There is really nothing to do against discoloration. You could paint a wooden table again, but this does not always give a nice effect and makes no sense with partially discolored tables. So pay close attention to where you place your wooden furniture.

To clean

Wood is very sensitive to dirt and grime. That is why it is important to wipe wooden furniture daily with a damp and clean cloth. This prevents dirt from penetrating into the wood and spoiling. It is advisable to regularly clean wooden furniture as it actually extends its lifespan. As a tip for wooden tables, I would recommend using coasters and placemats. It saves cleaning work and protects the table!

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