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Pests and insects

In the summer period wasps, bees and mosquitoes fly around our ears. And that is sometimes drive you crazy. Many people fear bees and wasps because their sting can be very painful. Especially if you are allergic to a wasp sting or a bee sting it can hinder you in things. You see most wasps in the month of August. And especially in combination with warm temperatures and the sun, it can be difficult to enjoy something to eat or drink on a terrace. Not only do we have to deal with wasps and bees, but other insects will also come into play in the spring.


Spring is often seen as a new beginning. A number of pests find this time of year a good start to bother your home or business. Common pests in spring: Clothes moths, Pigeons and Cockroaches. But you will not only encounter new insects in spring. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who enjoys the long days and the warm weather. A handful of pests enjoy with you during the summer months. Common pests in summer: Mosquitoes, Ants, Cockroaches, Flies and as mentioned above wasps, bees and bumblebees. Make sure you have an insect screen in front of your open window so you won’t be bothered by all these insects in your room.

Rats and Mice

Insects are of course very annoying. But rats and mice are even worse for some people. The most important advice in controlling mice is not to leave food lying around! Don’t leave full garbage bags outside either, because before you know it, a rat will be gnawing at it. Birdseed, dog and cat food can also attract rats and mice. Clean up the food and make sure it is properly stored. Also make sure your garden and driveway are tidy. This way, the rats and mice don’t get the chance to hide in old leaves or other corners. Mice are so flexible that they can crawl through a 5 millimeter crack. Therefore, make sure that all cracks and holes are closed. Preferably do this with steel wool so that mice cannot gnaw through. If a mouse has managed to squeeze in, it is to be there as soon as possible to fight mice in order to catch or fight the mouse in a safe way.

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