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Vrije Tijd

On holiday to Alanya: a combination of modern tourist facilities and the real Turkey.

Why should you go on holiday to Alanya? Unlike many Turkish tourist places, Alanya has no fewer than 300,000 permanent residents. Most are Turks, but Alanya also has inhabitants from, for example, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Russia and many eastern countries. It is therefore a mix of holidaymakers with the (international) local population.
That makes it very nice to meet many nationalities on holiday and discover the real Turkish life.

Different types of excursions in Alanya

The inhabitants themselves often go out into the street to sit on a terrace or to eat out. So in addition to all the amenities for the tourists, you will also find the authentic places where the Turkish population goes. So you have the choice to choose from local shops, cafes and restaurants or the bazaars and other places where you encounter many tourists.

Then there are the wonderful beaches, both on the east side and the popular west side where you will find the famous Cleopatra beach. East and west Alanya is separated by the beautiful castle that you must see. You can get there by cable car or bus but if it is not too hot you could also walk up (and down).

From Alanya it is possible to undertake many excursions. The Taurus Mountains are recommended. For sports enthusiasts walking or cycling and for relaxation enthusiasts, for example by jeep.

Different accommodations in Alanya

Accommodations come in all types: from simple guesthouses hotels with breakfast to very luxurious 5 star hotels, often on an all-inclusive basis. Alanya extends up to 15 kilometers east and 30 kilometers west of the center. Good advice is therefore important for the right choice of your Alanya holiday. So take a quick look at Alanyatravel, the website of the Alanyaspecialist.

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