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Date ideas for a relationship

People often write about ideas for a first date, or at least one of the first. It’s all mainly focused on getting to know each other on those first few dates. So if you’ve been in a relationship for a while but still enjoy taking each other on a date, then you may not be of much use to first date ideas. If all goes well, you already know each other quite well. Sometimes you just want to treat your partner to a romantic getaway, or maybe that spark you had is missing a bit. You want a new experience to share with each other. Therefore, here are a small number of ideas for dates and trips with your current partner!

Love an old-fashioned sleepover

If for whatever reason you can’t leave the house, or want to go on a date, then nothing is feared yet. You can organize a sleepover with your partner. Create a cozy, romantic environment for the bedroom, for example by making an old-fashioned fort out of blankets. Yes, you can, even if you are no longer a child! Make some evening snacks together when you watch movies. The advantage of being a little older is that you can also have a drink to perhaps improve the atmosphere a bit. Who knows what good conversations and other activities such a night will bring!

Get away for long weekends more often

Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the opportunity to go on holiday lavishly a few times a year. Instead, you can go away for a long weekend several times a year. In any case, there are a number of days off that fall around the weekend, and it doesn’t take as many days off if you have to use them. From Thursday evening to Monday afternoon you only take two days off and it feels like a mini vacation. There are numerous hotels and Bed and Breakfasts that know what to do with organizing a romantic weekend.

Go on a road trip!

Well, in the Netherlands it is not equally interesting for everyone to drive around. However, you can easily get quite far in a few days. It can be very cozy and intimate for many people to spend several days “stuck” together in a car. You must be able to sense a little whether you are receptive to this, because with the wrong energy it can also lead to a fight.

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