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A stylish garden

Are you someone who likes to sit in the garden? Do you like a bit of luxury? Or do you like to invite people and be the host or hostess? Then you can think about a few trendy accessories for the garden. This way you can enjoy yourself in every season, but also throw stylish garden parties for your friends. Here are a few ideas for upgrading the garden.


If you enjoy cooking it can be a great addition to be able to do that in the garden. And not the simple barbecue that everyone has somewhere in the shed. If you really want to turn it into a work of art, there is the Ofyr BBQ for example. This is a barbecue and a fire bowl in one. It looks stylish and looks good in almost any garden. An evening of barbecuing becomes an evening of culinary food in the garden. Great for garden parties in the summer, but you can also use this device in the winter. The heat radiates about two meters around the device.

Dinner and drinks

Of course, there must also be a place to enjoy that food. A spacious dining table and comfortable (possibly folding) chairs are indispensable. Chairs with seat cushions are always recommended, because then you can sit as softly as you want. Add a parasol, so you can also sit in the shade in the summer. But a gazebo can also be nice, if you have room for it. Then you can sit covered and you can be outside even when the weather is less beautiful. You can also have a wood-burning stove built in, so that the cold is no longer a problem. Here you can enjoy a drink in every season.

to bathe

If you want to go all out for luxury, you can install a hot tub. Wooden baths look attractive and natural, and are wonderful to sit in. Comfortable in the summer when it is sunny to cool down, or in the winter or night in heated water. In your own garden, for example, you can simulate the experience of a natural hot spring, in the open air. And this is a real showstopper at parties. Who wouldn’t want to relax with friends in the hot tub while enjoying a drink? And this is especially nice after an evening of cooking on the barbecue!

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